“Be Careful Of The Person You Become In The Pursuit of What You Want”

Meet Asher Carr

Real Estate Agent | Author | Consultant

Insight into Asher Carr’s Background

Asher Carr is a first-generation college graduate with a passion for serving people through the world of real estate, storytelling, and consulting.

In his first two years as a real estate operator, Asher generated $22,000,000 in sales volume and $560,000 in gross revenue for Keller Williams teams in the Washington DC metro area.

Asher is also the founder of Carr Corp Enterprises, a consulting company that specializes in real estate services, self-publishing, and new business operations.

Carr Corp Enterprises

Helping Others Build a Legacy


By Asher Carr

When he was suddenly let go from his job, Asher realized that it would impact his plan to marry his fiancé. Realizing the opportunity before him, Asher dived head-first into the world of real estate, where the risks were great but the rewards were greater. From there, he envisioned a new plan to build a better life in the nation’s capital. However, his transition into real estate would bring challenges that tested his faith, family, and business skills to the limit.

From Broke to BOLD is the story of how Asher Carr triumphed against the odds in keeping his sanity in check, faith strong, and potential marriage alive. This inspirational memoir shares the highs and lows of a young man striving to build a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving through one of the best vehicles for wealth generation: real estate.


See what others have to say.

Great presenter, great energy! I need to talk to someone like this every morning and I think I would be meeting my goals all year!

– Catherine L.

I feel that God has SPECIFICALLY crafted him to say everything he said, so I could hear it.

– Jane D.

Asher is really amazing for his age. He is highly motivated despite all the struggles he has encountered and has wisdom way beyond his years.

– Shelly T.