Real Estate Intrapreneur

In 2018, Asher embarked on a journey into the realm of real estate investment, initially exploring the sector part-time with a keen interest in creative financing methods. His practical application of these concepts culminated in his first real estate investment deal just nine months later. Despite the brief duration of this initial venture, it solidified his aspiration to pursue a career in real estate full-time. This ambition became a reality following his transition from finance in the summer of 2019.

With a strategic focus on expanding his industry knowledge, Asher obtained his real estate license solely for educational purposes. By late 2019, he accepted a pivotal role as an Inside Sales Agent/Operations Support Coordinator in Washington DC. Over the following four years, Asher emerged as a vital contributor to several real estate teams within the DMV area and nationally. His efforts significantly enhanced business acquisition, streamlined operational processes, and elevated the performance levels of fellow real estate professionals.

Specialized Consultant

Asher is driven by a deep-seated mission to “help others build legacies through real estate, community engagement, and creating impact.” This commitment forms the bedrock of Carr Corp Enterprises, a consulting firm with a focus on real estate services, book publishing, and business consulting. Leveraging his own experiences of growth and success, Asher established Carr Corp to aid those aspiring to build wealth, engage communities, and leave a lasting impact through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Nittany Lion

Asher’s educational journey marked a significant milestone as a first-generation college graduate from Penn State. It was during his time in Central PA that he discovered his passion for personal development and leadership, ultimately finding his calling in business and entrepreneurship. An active student-athlete, Asher’s commitment to growth extended beyond the classroom, fostering a lifelong dedication to learning. This insatiable appetite for knowledge drives him to continuously improve himself and positively influence those in his orbit.

Personal life

Asher was born in New Jersey and graduated from Penn State in 2016 with a degree in Entrepreneurship. He lives in Maryland with his college sweetheart and wife, Janay.